Introducing the Singapore Convention on Mediation Logo


The Singapore Convention on Mediation (SCM) logo was designed to constitute speech bubbles that represent conversation and mediation, and are interlinked to reflect strength and enforceability as well as connectedness and cohesiveness.


The multi-coloured speech bubbles represent a myriad of global views and perspectives, and are conjoined together in the centre by the Little Red Dot, as Singapore is often fondly referred to.

These speech bubbles also resemble flower petals, and take the shape of the Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid - Singapore’s national flower - a symbol of diversity and resilience.


Collectively, this logo conveys vibrancy and dynamism. Like the objectives of the Singapore Convention on Mediation that it embodies, the logo can be relied upon as a trusted symbol for the effective resolution of cross-border commercial disputes, and the promotion of the use of mediation around the world, thus facilitating the growth of international commerce.